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Besnik Aliaj

Tirana (Albania)

Besnik Aliaj

Architect. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts (2014)

Co-founder and Vice-Chancellor of the Polis University in Tirana, he also teaches the subject Urban Projects at the Polis International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies. He has been an advisor to the Albanian Minister for Territory, Tourism and Property, and also a guest lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, the Polytechnic University of Ancona, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana, the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Darmstadt, the Stockholm Museum of Architecture, the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel, and the Architekturzentrum (Architecture Centre) in Vienna.

He has also been editor of Forum A+P, an Albanian magazine on architecture and urban projects, and has published several scientific articles in the Albanian press. Moreover, he is director of the programmes Tirana Architecture Week (TAW) and Tirana Design Week (TDW).

[Last update: April 2019]

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