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Amadeu Santacana i Juncosa

Barcelona (Spain)

Amadeu Santacana i Juncosa


Ph.D. Architect, Tenure-eligible lecturer “Serra Hunter” Professor and Chair of Design Department at ETSAV-UPC section. Has been visiting professor at ETSAM-UPM (Madrid, 2011), and at the School of Architecture, Auburn University (Alabama, USA, 2018-2019).

Author of the book Event in a world as juxtaposition (Arquia Foundation, Barcelona, 2020) and editor of Soriano & Palacios: It's small, it rains inside and there are ants (Actar, Barcelona, 2000), Crossed lines: New territories of design (Actar, Barcelona, 2003) and Create! (Actar, Barcelona, 2014).

Has been curator of the exhibition Crossed lines: New territories of design at CCCB, Diagrams within Climate Change cycle of Housing State Department at Madrid, and of P Event at COAM Foundation, Madrid.

Partner at Nug arquitectes since 2000.

[Update: 29 July 2021]

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