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"Schaustelle", experimental exhibition space München
München (Germany), 2013
While the Pinakothek der Moderne was closed for reforms, a temporary scaffolding structure of some twenty metres high explored new ways of exhibiting art while providing a venue for workshops, film screenings and public events.
Danish Maritime Museum
Helsingør (Denmark), 2013
An old dry dock in the Kronborg Castle shipyard, forsaken witness to its industrial past, has been transformed into a courtyard giving natural light and access to the new underground Danish National Maritime Museum.


"Passages in a contemporary cities"
The architect Marcel Smets visited the CCCB to present the project "Passages_Passatges".

Shared Spaces

“Good public space is one that embodies both durability and flexibility”
The former director of The Architecture Foundation (AF) and member of the Jury for the European Prize for Urban Public Space discusses with Shared Spaces the values of public space and the dangers it faces.


Playgrounds: Reinventing the square
You still have time, until 22 September, to go and see the exhibition “Playgrounds: Reinventing the Square” at Reina Sofia in Madrid. The exhibition shows how it became necessary to create public space once such concepts as “leisure”, “consumption time” and “free time” had come into use. A blend of history and art, tradition and utopia, the exhibition shows how public space has evolved over the last two centuries, and how it has contributed towards redesigning the map and urban distribution of the city.
No One Sits Here Anymore: How Spikes and Fences Erase Communal Life
The artist Léonidas Martín reflects on a range of elements of urban design in the city of Barcelona which restrict access to public spaces. He wonders how artists might work to prioritise communal life over market efficiency.