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The new "Els Encants" market
Barcelona (Spain), 2013
The famous flea market, which had become old and dilapidated, has been moved, but without leaving the plaça de les Glòries, to shelter beneath a new, soaring, iconic porch.
Mediterranean pavilion
Gignac-la-Nerthe (France), 2013
The square in front of the Town Hall and a garden of Provençal plants are connected by means of an elongated pavilion with porches, games areas, public toilets, a theatre, a picnic area and an open-air cinema.


"In Praise of Adventure: Paradoxes of Security"
Lecture by Frédéric Gros
Frédéric Gros visited the CCCB on 26 November 2014 to give the lecture “In Praise of Adventure: Paradoxes of Security”. In his lecture, Gros advocated the simple act of walking in the street as a solution to present-day problems raised by the concept of security.

Shared Spaces

“Security measures ... often impoverish the urban experience”
Interview with Pete Fussey
Shared Spaces speaks with Pete Fussey, criminologist and Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex.


Programming Play in Public Space?
The architect Sonia Curnier raises the paradox that, while the city has changed in the general domain of play and leisure activities, the citizen’s room for manoeuvre when it comes to making the most of the urban landscape for inventing, improvising and creating (qualities inherent to the nature of play) has been reduced.
Inventory of Brooklyn’s  Vacant Lots
The initiative 596 acres, which is making an inventory of public vacant lots in Brooklyn so that citizens can use them, represented the United States at the last Venice Biennale of Architecture.