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Wooden Benches for the Main Square
Bürchen (Switzerland), 2015 | FINALIST 2016
Planks of wood recovered from an abandoned sawmill are reused to provide the main square with benches that can accommodate cultural activities while pointing the way to the different mountains that surround the town.
Protection Building of the Genovés Park
Cádiz (Spain), 2015 | FINALIST 2016
A seafront esplanade invaded by parked cars is replaced by an elongated building that shelters the Genovés park from winds, while containing public bathrooms, changing rooms and cultural facilities and featuring an elevated viewpoint overlooking the bay of Cadiz.
Temporary Bridge over the Charleroi Canal
Brussels (Belgium), 2014 | FINALIST 2016
An non-profit urban festival claims the connection of two districts of uneven social conditions on both sides of the canal by means of an ephemeral bridge made with the standard components of a construction crane.

News (411)

Mobility Ecoforum
Monday 29 September at the CCCB // Free entrance
Mobility Ecoforum. The future of mobile lives in cities

Monday 29 September at the CCCB // Free entrance

AgoraTXT (13)

Landscapes of pressure
"Faced with the consequences of the unbridled expansionist urban policies, surely the big question is What comes next? Is there any idea of how to deal with what has already left harmful traces?"

Shared Spaces (78)

“Public space should be seen in in its dual symbolic and material dimensions as a common good belonging to citizens.”
Interview with Raquel Rolnik
Professor Rolnik warns of the dangers of losing public space in cities governed by the logic of privatisation.

Periscope (426)

New Generations Festival. Architects VS Rest of the World
After successful events in Milan (2013), Florence (2014) and Genoa (2015), Rome will host the fourth edition of the New Generations festival with the aim of creating a community of architects and experts from different disciplines, in order to redefine the role of architecture in contemporary society.
Before and After
Examples of Public Space transformation from car-oriented to pedestrian friendly. Viewed through google street view.
What New York Can Learn from Barcelona’s ‘Superblocks’
Barcelona’s superblocks are seen as an opportunity for introducing a new kind of urban planning in New York. Initiatives like “Shared Streets” and “Summer Streets” are a step in this direction.