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Debate between Diane Davis, Teresa Caldeira and Richard Burdett, hosted by Josep Bohigas.
03/07/2015, 19h | CCCB | English


Social housing building in Brandon Street
London (United Kingdom), 2012
The bench attached to the foot of the wall of a new social housing block in the Heygate Estate takes over from the low wall that had enclosed the premises as a meeting place for local residents
Renovation of Ribeira das Naus
Lisboa (Portugal), 2013
The neglected, deteriorating, dangerous shoreline on the site of an old naval shipyard has become a pedestrian promenade overlooking the Tagus River and very well connected with the centrally located Praça do Comércio
Temporary Swimming Pool in Arthur Verona Street
Bucharest (Romania), 2012
In the three days of a summer festival, a street normally occupied by cars becomes home to a swimming pool made from rented pallets and waterproof canvas so that residents can enjoy having contact with water.


The exhibition Pis(o) Pilot(o) will include a space for the project “Public Space and Quality of Life in Ciutat Meridiana: A Study by the Mestre Morera School”
Barcelona, 2 July 2015
The procedures and conclusions of the joint project carried out by the Institut de Govern i Polítiques Públiques (IGOP – Institute of Government and Public Policies) and the Mestre Morera School with assistance from publicspace.org and Education CCCB are to be shown in a space near the exit of the exhibition Pis(o) Pilot(o).
Miami, next station of "Shared Cities" exhibition.
AIA Miami (Miami Downtown) | 18/06/2015 - 18/08/2015
The Miami Center for Architecture and Design inaugurates the exhibition Shared Spaces. European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014, also presenting Miami Foundation’s 2014 Public Space Challange winners.
Students research on public space in Barcelona's School Mestre Morera.
Barcelona, 19 June 2015
Within an IGOP’s project, and the collaboration of publicspace.org, elementary school students have conducted an investigation on public space in their neighborhood, based on interviews and surveys.


“Meanwhile” Urbanism.
Born in Newcastle, Australia, this initiative seeks solutions to revitalize empty spaces. The answer to the problem is to host in them cultural, associative, and even commercial or business initiatives during a provisional amount of time, until they find their definitive use. The experience has already been exported to Egia neighborhood in San Sebastian (Spain), an some projects in Barcelona and Madrid are starting to summarize these spaces in catalogs to help them to find a use.
The Great Parisian Wall
A comprehensive article in The Guardian analyzes the consequences of the ring road of the city, drawing its administrative and psychological borders. Paris aspires to be a municipality with more than 100 surrounding councils and La Périphérique is not only a physical, but economic and social obstacle. The French capital needs to address the urban challenge of the Great Parisian Wall.
Public Space Acupuncture
Architects Helena Casanova and Jesus Hernandez have written and edited the book Public Space Acupuncture, published by Actar Publishers New York. It combines the study of innovative strategies to activate or regenerate the urban public space with projects by their studio, based in Rotterdam. The book also presents contributions by Catalan architect Oriol Bohigas and Dutch urban sociologist Arnold Reijndorp.