Award Editions Frontend Portlet

Edition 2008

Award ceremony

Composition table

Anna Hernandez, chairman of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Housing of the Provincial Council of Barcelona
Josep Ramoneda, General Director of the CCCB
Manuel de Solà-Morales, President of the Jury
Puigferrer George, Director General of Industrial COPCISA, sponsor of the Award
Charles Crosas, Secretary of the Jury


18.30h-19.00h Presentation

Welcome, Anna Hernandez Bonancia
Presentation of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, Josep Ramoneda
Assessment of the fifth edition of the Prize, Manuel de Solà-Morales

19.00h - 20.00h Delivery

Carles Crosas, Secretary of the Jury: Reading of Minutes of the Jury, the appointment of 3 works mentioned

Special mention, centrum.odorf, Innsbruck, Austria
Explanation of Christian Lichtenwagner author

Special Mention, Other People's Photographs, Folkestone, United Kingdom
Explanation of Brigitte Orasinski, author

Special mention, Torre del Homenaje, Huesca, Granada
Explanation of Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas, author

Award, Barking Town Square, London, UK
Explanation Faibrass Charles, councilman of the district of Barking and Dagenham London and Liza Flower, director of Arquitecture muf / art, authors

19.00h - 20.00h Conference Closing

Peter Hall, the conference "Europe: an urban civilization in a virtual world"

18.00h - 21.30h Exhibition

Show all panels of public works presented in the fifth edition of
European Prize for Urban Public Space