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  • Tilla-Durieux-Park

    Berlin (Germany), 2003

    Creation of a new park near Potsdamer Platz.

    Authors: Willem Jan Snel, Merijn Groenhart, Ingo Golz, DS Landschapsarchitecten, Bruno Doedens, Harma Horlings, Jana Crepon, Maike van Stiphout

  • Tenerife Verde [Lote nº 9]

    Buenavista del Norte (Spain), 2002

    Refurbishment of the urban fabric through the superimposition of a nodal network consisting of four public spaces interconnected by a system of itineraries for walkers.

    Authors: GPY Arquitectos, Félix Perera, Urbano Yanes

  • Havnebadet

    Copenhagen (Denmark), 2003

    New public baths in the Grand Canal harbour, in the Islands Brygge district.

    Developer: City of Copenhaguen
    Authors: Julien De Smedt, PLOT A/S, BIG

  • Stortorget

    Kalmar (Sweden), 2003

    Renovation of the paving in the cathedral square.

    Authors: Caruso St John Architects, Eva Löfdahl

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