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26 July 2012

“Space and power are intimately related”

Shared spaces with

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Shared Spaces speaks with Doreen Massey, coiner of the term “power geometry” and one of the most influential geographers of our times.

Shared Spaces had the pleasure of interviewing Doreen Massey in June 2012 when she visited the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) to give the lecture “Space, Place and Politics Today”. In the interview Massey decries the fact that individualism has permeated European society over the past thirty years of neoliberal hegemony. In this process, the collective dimension inherent to the public sphere has been fiercely attacked. This, she says, has had tremendous effects on our ways of understanding, constructing and experiencing the spaces we share. In Massey’s view, “space and power are intimately related”. Space is permanently governed by a certain form of power, while power always has a particular cartography.


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