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8 - 14 September 2014

 “Shared Cities” travels to Bordeaux (France)

City Hall

In the framework of the Agora 2014. Biennale d’architecture d’urbanisme et de design, the itinerant exhibition will have its first showing in this city near France’s Atlantic coast

Following the announcement of the winners in this year’s European Prize for Urban Public Space, the itinerant exhibition showing the works presented for the Prize is about to have its first showing in the city of Bordeaux, in the Atlantic zone of south-western France. This city has undergone major urban transformation in recent decades, a circumstance that makes it an ideal venue for the Prize exhibition, which is to be shown from 8 – 14 September 2014 in the Salons of the Bordeaux City Council, as part of the programming for “Agora, Biennale d’architecture d’urbanisme et de design”. Highlighting the desire to contribute culturally towards the new character of the city, this event was conceived with a view to making urban planning and architecture more accessible to the general public by means of a range of disciplines (cinema, literature, photography, et cetera), and stimulating reflection and debate on European public space. Although the Prize exhibition will be shown in the City Council building, most of the Biennale activities are to be held in and around Hangar 14, a newly-renovated, modern space extending along the bank of the Garonne River, thus connecting population and water.

At 10.30 a.m. on Friday 12th September, the exhibition will be presented in this space by Judit Carrera (Director of the European Prize for Urban Public Space) and Michel Devigne (architect, representing the team that was one of the winners of this year’s Prize with a project reforming the Old Port of Marseilles). At 2 p.m. the same day, Judit Carrera will once again present the exhibition, this time with Francis Rambert (Director de la Cité de l’Architecture (Paris) and member of the Prize jury).

Immediately after the show in Bordeaux, the exhibition is to travel to Szczecin (Poland), where it has been programmed as one of the Westival – The Art of Architecture events.

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