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26 March 2012

On Security and Public Space


A compilation of texts by and references to the work of Stephen Graham, Professor of Human Geography at the Newcastle University (United Kingdom).

Security policies now being reformulated in the West as a result of the ideology of fear are having a great impact on the design of cities and on the model of democracy.

Stephen Graham, Professor of Human Geography at the Newcastle University (United Kingdom) is one of the leading researchers in the field of security policy and public space. His numerous publications inquire into the relationship between the city and war, viewing the city from the standpoint of the increasing militarisation of urban planning and security policy. He focuses on urban conflicts and reflects on control of public space in relation with control of civil society. Stephen Graham argues that our cities are the product of an extension of the military ideas of monitoring, identifying and controlling the spaces and movements of everyday life.

The site Blog Géographie de la Ville en guerre offers a bibliographical selection from his work, part of which may be accessed online, together with a video of a lecture given by Professor Graham at the London School of Economics and Political Science on the occasion of the launch of his most recent book Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism (Verso, 2010)

Stephen Graham has spoken at the CCCB on several occasions and the video-conferences and texts of the lectures and debates listed below may be consulted in the CCCB Archive: Urban Traumas: Cities and Disasters (2004),
Archipelago of Exception: Sovereignties of Extraterritoriality (2005), Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West (2007) and Targeted Publics: Arts and Technologies of the Security City (2008)

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