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13 September 2021

Building Communities

Debates in the context of the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism

[VO En/Ca/Es transl. En | 01:19:35]

How can we spark a dialogue between architecture and people’s desires and needs? With Paloma Strelitz and Cristina Goberna we will look at participatory practices and processes that promote the social function of architecture and urbanism.

Houses, streets, workplaces: the places we live in and travel through in our daily lives, the spaces where we meet and come together, define us as individuals and, by extension, imprint the character of our communities. At the same time, architectural and urban design must respond to citizens’ needs of citizens. In that respect, more and more voices are advocating a more participatory architecture, where professionals take the lead in giving form to the wishes of the community. In this debate we will reflect on how to build cohesive and egalitarian communities by designing spaces and services devised by, and for, the people who belong to them.

This activity is part of Living Together: Territory, Community, Resources


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