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14 September 2021

Balancing the Territory

Debates in the context of the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism

[Ca/Es | 01:30:45]

Striking a balance between the more and less populated areas of the territory in a scenario marked by the effects of the pandemic and the energy crisis will be the focus of this dialogue between José María Ezquiaga, Maria Buhigas and Ricardo Devesa.

Are people fleeing cities? Changes in the dynamics of work as a result of the pandemic and the rising cost of living in some urban centres, among other factors, have led some people to seek out the comforts of living in less densely populated areas. Although this may seem like the beginning of an urban exodus, data confirms that cities are continuing to attract and integrate most of the population. Likewise, some of the least densely inhabited areas of our geography continue to suffer from significant shortcomings that prevent them from offering a long-term living solution for their inhabitants. In this debate we will discuss the principles and policies that should orient an efficient management of the balance between these different territorial realities, based on an approach rooted in architecture and urban planning that incorporates post-pandemic reflections, in the context of an energy and mobility model for the future.

This activity is part of Living Together: Territory, Community, Resources



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