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21 June - 2 October 2022

"Polis" Exhibition in Prague (Czech Republic), 2022

Landscape Festival, Cultural Center Žižkov

The exhibition “Polis: 7 Lessons from the European Prize for Urban Public Space”, which is produced by the CCCB, can be visited throughout the summer in Prague as part of the Landscape Festival.

The Prague Landscape Festival is an international event organised by the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery with the aim of increasing public awareness about the importance of landscaping and its relationship with architecture, art, and contemporary public spaces.

This year’s Tenth Landscape Festival emphasises the importance of urban public spaces and landscape by means of a series of architectural interventions, art installations, exhibitions, debates, and public events that will take place throughout the summer.

As part of the Festival, the exhibition “Polis: 7 Lessons from the European Prize for Urban Public Space” brings together outstanding examples of public space that contribute towards making cities more habitable, inclusive, and sustainable. This is the third time “Polis” has been exhibited at the Landscape Festival, and it can be visited until 2 October at Prague’s Žižkov Centre Cultural (a former railway station in the Žižkov district). On previous occasions “Polis” has also been shown in Bilbao, Kyiv, Brussels, and other cities.

David Bravo, who has worked in the CCCB’s public space project and is one of the professionals who produced “Polis”, took part in the Festival’s inaugural panel discussion, together with Gilbert Fillinger of the Amiens International Garden Festival, Paul Preissner of Paul Preissner Architects, Javier Peña of the Concéntrico Festival of Architecture and Design, Čestmír Suška, artistic director of the M3 Festival, and Dan Merta, director of the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery. The discussion was moderated by the architect Yvette Vašourková.