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    Barking Town Square

    London (United Kingdom), 2008

    New town square in the suburb of Barking.

    Developer: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
    Authors: muf architecture/art, Allford Hall Monaghan and Morris


  • centrum.odorf

    Innsbruck (Austria), 2006

    A new square and new multifunctional building located between two residential estates of the Innsbruck Olympic villages.

    Developer: IIG Innsbrucker Immobilien Gesmbh
    Authors: Froetscher Lichtenwagner.

  • Torre del Homenaje

    Huéscar (Spain), 2007

    New public lookout built over the ruins of a medieval watch tower.

    Developer: Junta de Andalucía
    Authors: Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas

  • Other People's Photographs

    Folkestone (United Kingdom), 2008

    An artistic intervention that brings together collective memory by means of an exhibition of personal photographs taken in public space.

    Developer: Strange Cargo Arts Company
    Authors: Strange Cargo Arts Company

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    Duaj te Luaj! - 100 fusha

    Tirana (Albania), 2008

    Installation of a series of sports and games areas in degraded zones of the city.

    Authors: Municipality of Tirana

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    Skywalk, Spittelau

    Vienna (Austria), 2007

    Passageway for pedestrians and cyclists over Vienna’s most complex road junction.

    Authors: Architekturstudio Bulant & Wailzer, Aneta Bulant - Kamenova, Klaus Wailzer, Bulant & Wailzer / Wagner / Fritsch

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    Auvent Porte de Flandre

    Brussels (Belgium), 2006

    Installation of a special shelter at the River Senne Wharf tram stop.

    Developer: Ministry of Equipment and Transport
    Authors: Jean-Marc Simon, Ney&Partners

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    Triathlon: proposal for the activation of urban space in a divided city

    Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2007

    Developer: Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
    Authors: Demet Mutman, Miodrag Kuc, Kai Voeckler, Wilfried Hackenbroich

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    Split (Croatia), 2007

    Refurbishment of a section of the seafront promenade overlooked by Diocletian’s Palace.

    Developer: City of Split
    Authors: 3LHD Architects

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    Århus (Denmark), 2007

    Extra-legal construction of three terraces with panoramic views set into a colonnaded structure of a dockyard in the port.

    Developer: Bureau Detours
    Authors: Bureau Detours

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    "Micropolis" Skate Park

    Helsinki (Finland), 2006

    New skateboard rink in the Eläintarha Park.

    Authors: Janne Saario

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    Aménagement des Berges du Rhône

    Lyon (France), 2008

    Recovery of the left bank of the Rhône as it flows through the city centre.

    Developer: GRAND LYON Service Espace Public
    Authors: Yves Adrien Sarl Coup d'Éclat, In Situ Paysagistes, JOURDA Architectes

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    Rehabilitation du champ de foire

    Treffort-Cuisiat (France), 2006

    Restoration of the “Foirail”, an old esplanade once used for livestock shows.

    Developer: Ville de Treffort-Cuisiat
    Authors: michele&miquel arquitectes&paisatgistes

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    Public garden

    San Donà di Piave (Italy), 2007

    New neighbourhood park in a low-density suburban development.

    Authors: Cino Zucchi Architetti, Gueltrini Stignani Associati

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    Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2007

    A temporary installation exploring new possibilities of public lighting in six sites of the harbour.

    Developer: City of Rotterdam, Department of Town Planning, ELDA workshop
    Authors: City of Rotterdam, Department of Town Planning, ELDA workshop

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    No Comment

    Oslo (Norway), 2006

    An art installation that raised 500 white tents in Vigeland Sculpture Park.

    Developer: Arve Bringaker
    Authors: M.Sc Architect Dan Zohar, Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

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    Praça Largo da Devesa

    Castelo Branco (Portugal), 2006

    Reform of a centre-city square, converting it into the roof of a large underground parking station.

    Developer: Cámara Municipal de Castelo Branco
    Authors: Josep Lluís Mateo - Map arquitectos, Maria Viñé, Victoria Llinares, Rafael Berengena, Martin di Renzo, Nazario di Branca, Daniel Guerra, Carlos Reis Figuereido, Arquitectos da Beira Lda.

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    Complexo das Salinas

    Câmara de Lobos (Portugal), 2006

    Transformation of former salt pans into a complex with public swimming pools, gardens, a square and a seaside walk.

    Authors: Paulo David + Joao Gomes da Silva

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    Plaça Major: Projecte de pavimentació i urbanització del casc antic

    Banyoles (Spain), 2007

    Transformation of the old town centre into a pedestrian zone and recovery of the old system of water channels.

    Authors: Josep Miàs

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    Parque Atlántico en la Vaguada de las Llamas [fase 1]

    Santander (Spain), 2007

    Conversion into an urban park of a neglected thalweg near Sardinero Beach.

    Authors: Batlleiroig, Enric Batlle

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    Vinaròs (Spain), 2007

    Installation of a series of wooden platforms on rocky land at some points along the seafront.

    Developer: Ajuntament de Vinaròs
    Authors: Vicente Guallart, Maria Diaz, Marta Male-Alemany, Christine Bleicher

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    Aufwertung Bahnhof Hardbrücke

    Zurich (Switzerland), 2007

    Reform of the Industriequartier S-Bahn station.

    Authors: EM2N, Mathias Müller, Daniel Niggli, AG ETH, SIA, BSA

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    Promenade of Light

    London (United Kingdom), 2006

    Refurbishment of a busy pedestrian thoroughfare in Old Street.

    Developer: Islington Council
    Authors: Tonkin Liu