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The European Prize for Urban Public Space is back!


The call for entries for the 2024 Prize is open for works that were completed in 2022 and 2023. This year’s award has the special feature of a new Seafront category for projects creating or transforming seafronts between 2019 and 2023.

The aim of the European Prize for Urban Public Space is to recognise and make known all kinds of projects of creating, recovering, and improving public spaces in European cities, which are now required to respond to many challenges, especially now that the climate crisis has become yet another problem in addition to issues like inequality, mobility, migration, and technological changes.

In this year’s award, the Prize will therefore have two different categories, namely General and Seafront.

An independent jury consisting of architects and urban thinkers from around the continent will choose from all the works presented 25 interventions that will be included in the Prize archive of public space projects. From these, five finalists and one winner will be selected, together with any special mentions that are deemed appropriate.

The CCCB is assisted by an Advisory Committee comprising several European institutions of considerable renown in the domain of architecture and urban culture.

This honorary Prize, which is awarded to both authors and promoters of works from the 47 member states comprising the European Council, gives the maximum possible exposure to the works that have been selected by means of a network of European associates and partners. Among the main objectives of the Prize—working together with experts and architectural, academic, and cultural institutions from all over the continent—are those of functioning as an observatory of European cities and becoming a space of reference for debate about the challenges of urban public space.

Over its 22 years of existence and 10 awards, 2,206 works have been presented for the Prize, with 19 winning projects and 35 special mentions. A selection of the best 357 works from all the awards may be found under the heading of “Works” on this website.

For further information, please consult the Rules for the 2024 Prize.