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9 May 2024

First data of the 2024 European Prize for Urban Public Space

297 submitted works from 35 countries

297 submitted works from 35 countries

The 2024 edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space has concluded with a total of 297 completed entries. Given that the Prize, in this edition, consists of two distinct categories, among the 297 projects submitted, 44 belong to the maritime category and 253 to the general category.

The five countries with the most works submitted this year are Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and finally, Romania, France and Sweden with the same number of candidates. Although the total number of participating countries is the same as in the previous edition, there are slight variations: this time no projects from Iceland have been submitted, but Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had no representatives in the previous edition, have been recovered.

The country with the highest increase in participation compared to the 2022 edition is Romania, which participated with only 2 works in 2022, while this time presents 12 projects.

The countries that have lost the most in relation to the previous edition are Spain, France, and Italy. Although projects from Spain continue to be the majority, this time they represent 20% of the total projects, compared to 23% in the previous edition.

Finally, we were surprised by the participation of a project from Ukraine, the restoration of an abandoned area in Lviv for the social integration of displaced persons due to the war.

Now it's time for the voting of the members of the international jury. They will do so in three phases, first individually until mid-June. Then, on June 27 and 28, they will meet in person at the CCCB to decide which are the 25 selected works and, among them, the 5 finalists, which will be publicly announced at the beginning of July. The Prize will culminate on October 28 and 29 with public events. On the first day, there will be a presentation of the finalist works by their authors, and on the 29th at the CCCB, the winning projects will be announced in an award ceremony.