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“It has always been a matter of ‘Give us public space at the Clinic’”

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Interview with Gideon Boie, co-author of PC Caritas, Special Mention in the 2018 Prize

What started out as discussion concerning a master plan for the hospital later evolved into a lively debate involving all the staff at the Psychiatric Clinic about the kinds of spaces they needed. Psychiatrists, patients and management staff came to agree that there was an essential need for a public space suitable for the people at the Clinic. A half-demolished old pavilion in its grounds presented the solution and was transformed into a space that offers the Clinic’s users a sense of comfort and openness, allowing them to be outside and inside at the same time.

The architects have transformed the semi-ruined building into an inhabitable vertical square, which, besides being the Clinic’s public space, has become a favourite place to visit for people living in nearby towns.

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    Psychiatric Center Caritas: A Building That Became Public Space

    Special Mention in the 2018 Prize, Silver Lion at the 2018 Biennale di Venezia and finalist of the Mies van der Rohe Award, this building testifies to the power of projects that skillfully combine the existing fabric with new elements. It also provides an argument for collective work involving investors, designers, users and experts: in this case, a collective specializing in a discourse on art, architecture and urban planning.