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Jordi Puntí

Manlleu (Spain)


Jordi Puntí


A writer, columnist and translator, Jordi Puntí made his literary debut with the collection of short stories Pell d’armadillo (Armadillo Skin, Proa, 1998), which was followed by a second volume of short stories, Animals tristos (Sad Animals, Empúries, 2002). In 2010 he published his first novel Lost Luggage (Short Books, 2013) which, now translated into sixteen languages, has been awarded the Llibreter, National Critics, Amat-Piniella, and Lletra d’Or prizes. With Els castellans (The Castilians, L’Avenç, 2011) he explored the genre of autobiographical writing and, almost twenty years after his debut, he returned to the short story with Això no és Amèrica (Empúries and Anagrama 2017, in English as This Is Not America in 2019). He regularly publishes articles, mainly about football, in the daily El Periódico, has written for other publications, among them El País, and is also a regular participant in the Catalunya Ràdio programme “Cuitat Maragda” which popularises literature. His most recent book Messi: Lessons in Style (Short Books, 2018) draws on his own experiences as a supporter of the club to render homage to the career and talent of Barça’s star player. [Update: 31 October 2018]

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