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Suzanne Hall

London (United Kingdom)


Suzanne Hall

Professor in Sociology at the LSE and co-director of the  Cities programme

Associate Professor in Sociology at the London School of Economics (LSE), and co-director of the Cities programme. Her research focuses on the asymmetries of global migration and urban marginalisation, with a particular emphasis on street economies in peripheries of post-industrial UK cities. Before her academic career, Hall also worked as an architect in South Africa, where she is continuing with her research into questions of racialised frameworks of citizenship and economic inequality and their everyday contestations. She has explored the ethnographic and visual dimensions of urban micro-economies and street cultures in her book City, Street and Citizen: The Measure of the Ordinary (Routledge, 2012) and in the Ordinary Streets film made with Sophie Yetton (2015). She is recipient of the Philip Leverhulme Prize in Sociology and the Rome Scholarship in Architecture. 

Update: 13 June 2019

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