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Sanja Galic-Grozdanic

Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Sanja Galic-Grozdanic

Architect, founder of Studio Non Stop and member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2012 edition.

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo. After practising architecture in Sarajevo, Lucca and Munich, together with Igor Grozdanic established the architectural office Studio nonstop in Sarajevo in 1998.
For their works in the area of architecture and urban planning at the annual Salons of Architecture in Sarajevo, won several awards for design (1998, 2001 and 2010), an award for realization (2005), Prize Grand Prix (2007 and 2011) and many national competitions as well as third prise in the international competition for University Campus in Sarajevo.
International published - executed buildings: Importanne Centre Sarajevo, Bjelašnica Ski-appartments, Office building A6 in Sarajevo, EUFOR Urgent Medical Centre in Sarajevo, Alta Shopping Centre in Sarajevo, idea projects: Central Facilities Bjelašnica, Milkos Residential Zone, Urbanplanning for Marindvor zone in Sarajevo, Primary School Šip Sarajevo , Multidisciplinary University Zagreb (Croatia), Levji-the town of Koper(Slovenia)...
Work published in the Hans Ibelings book „Studio nonstop“in 2012.
Member of City of Sarajevo Major Council for Urban Planning and architecture from 2011
Developed and produced project RESTART (Architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1995. to 2010.) - book and exhibition, selected and edited by Hans Ibelings. Exhibition was held in Sarajevo, Barcelona, Belgrade, Tirana and several cities in BH.
(As a guest lecturer held several lectures in universities in Sarajevo, as well in architectural institutions of Wien and Sofia.)

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