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Salvador Cardús

Barcelona (Spain)


Salvador Cardús


Born in Terrassa in 1954, the sociologist Salvador Cardús has a PhD in Economics and also writes as an essayist and journalist. He was a Visiting Fellow at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge in 1993, and Visiting Research Fellow at the Cornell Institute for European Studies at Cornell University (USA) in 2005, and also at Queen Mary College, University of London. He is presently a tenured lecturer in Sociology in the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he was Dean from 2009 until 2011. He has carried out research in the fields of sociology of religion and culture, analysis of the mass media, and national identities.

He is a regular columnist for the newspapers El Punt Avui, La Vanguardia, Diari de Terrassa and Ara, and is frequently invited to speak on Catalunya Ràdio. He has received the National Prize for Journalism (1994), the Serra i Moret Prize for Civic Values (1995), and the European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages (MIDAS) Prize for Journalism (2009). He was also awarded the 2007 Joan Coromines Prize for his career as a whole, and commitment to Catalonia and the Catalan language.

Notable among his published works are:

  • El camí de la independència (The Way to Independence, 2010)
  • Els terrassencs del segle XX. Immigració, identitat i canvi (Twentieth-Century Residents of Terrassa: Immigration, Identity and Change, 2005)
  • Ben educats (Well Raised, 2003)
  • Estalvi, ciutat i progrés (Saving, City and Progress, 2001)
  • El desconcert de l’educació (The Bewilderment of Education, 2000).

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