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Sébastien Marot

Paris (France)

Sébastien Marot

Teacher and historian specialising in architectural theory

Marot is one of the leading voices in the conceptualisation of landscaping and the design of rural environments. Educated in philosophy, he holds a PhD in History from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Throughout his extensive career as a researcher, his interest has been focused on contemporary architectural theory, urban design and landscaping, an interest that has recently centred on rural areas. In 2019 he curated the exhibition Taking the Country's Side: Agriculture and Architecture for the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. He is currently a professor at the École d’Architecture in Paris-Est and teaches classes as a visiting professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he participates in a programme on the conceptualisation and design of rural spaces. He was editor-in-chief of Le Visiteur magazine and since 2010 he has been the editor of Marnes: documents d’architecture. He is also the author of a large number of publications dedicated to critical thinking on urbanism and cities, such as Sub-Urbanism and the Art of Memory (AA Publications 2003), which has been translated into several languages, and the reissue of the famous manifesto by Oswald Mathias Ungers and Rem Koolhaas The City in the City: Berlin, A Green Archipelago (Lars Müller 2013).

[Update: 26 July 2021]

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