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Philip Hoare

Southampton (United Kingdom)

Philip Hoare


Philip Hoare (Southampton, 1958) is professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton. Author of several books, he achieved international renown with Leviathan or, The Whale (2008—published in Spanish as Leviatán o la ballena by Ático de los Libros, 2010), a work which, combining fiction, history and biology, is fruit of his fascination as a child with whales and the world of the sea. This book follows in the wake of Melville’s Moby Dick, a novel which is fundamental for Hoare, so much so that, together with the artist Angela Cockayne, he curated a free, online, illustrated and narrated audiobook titled Moby Dick Big Read. Before writing about cetacean realms, Hoare published the biographies of Stephan Tennant and Noel Coward, as well as three studies in British cultural history. With his most recent book, The Sea Inside (2013—published in Spanish as El mar interior by Ático de los Libros, 2013), he has gone back to working with a range of genres (including fiction, travel writing and biography) to address the immensity of the marine universe and to persuade readers to plunge in also, in order to discover the mysteries it hides and, in the end, find themselves.

[Last update: June 2016]

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