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Peter Sloterdijk

Peter Sloterdijk

Regarded as one of one of Germany’s most important post-war philosophers

With an academic background in phenomenology, existentialism and critical theory, he is presently vice-chancellor of the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and he also teaches Aesthetics at the University of Vienna. He has published numerous books on the crisis of philosophy in the West and the need for a new system of thought. Notable among his titles are Normas para el parque humano (Siruela, Madrid 2000; Regulations for the Human Park,, Crítica de la razón cínica (Siruela, Madrid 2003; Critique of Cynical Reason, University of Minnesota Press, 1987), one of his most translated titles, Esferas I. Burbujas (Spheres I. Bubbles – Siruela, Madrid, 2003), Temblores de aire. En las fuentes del terror (Trembling Air. In the Sources of Terror – Pre-textos, València 2003), Esferas II. Globos (Spheres II. Globes – Siruela, Madrid 2004) and the most recent work translated into Spanish, Si Europa despierta (If Europe Wakes Up – Pre-Textos, València 2004).

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