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Matevž Čelik

Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Matevž Čelik

Architect. Director of the Architecture and Design Museum of Ljubljana and member of the prize jury..

Director of the Ljubljana Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) since 2010. Under his direction, the MAO has organised new programmes of debate and exhibitions such as Architecture Live, Open Depot, Designing the Republic and Under a Common Roof. Before this, in 2002, he set up, a platform bringing together information about Slovenian architecture and design.

He has been a contributor to Oris magazine in Zagreb and, in 2007, he published New Architecture in Slovenia (Springer Wien New York, 2007). Since 2015 he has been leader of the platform he created, Future Architect, a network of cultural agents to promote new talent and research.

Member of the prize jury since 2012.


[Last updated: January 2019]

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