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Maria Buhigas

Barcelona (Spain)


Maria Buhigas

Urban planner

Architect, urban planner and urban design consultant, founder of the platform Urban Facts. Maria Buhigas holds a degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University. From 2009 to 2013 she was director of urban strategy for the public agency Barcelona Regional, and she has also served as a member of the Barcelona City Council. In 2019 she founded the consultancy Urban Facts with the aim of promoting urban designs that combine spatial and sociocultural perspectives. Throughout her career she has worked on a variety of issues such as the promotion of urban industry, the development of local economies and the renewal of marginal urban areas, among others. She has also taught at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, participated in international conferences and local debates and collaborated with agencies such as the World Bank and UN-Habitat.

[Update: 27 July 2021]


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