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Marc Dubois

Ghent (Belgium)

Marc Dubois

Architect. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts.

An architect, critic and lecturer, he studied Architecture at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, where he also taught from 1978 to 2015, after which he was a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven in Ghent and Brussels. He has also complemented his academic training and work with conferences and courses and has worked in the conservation of architectural archives. In 1983 he and Christian Kieckens established the Stichting Architektuurmuseum and, in 2018, he was awarded the Ultima Prize in the category of Architecture in recognition of his long professional career.

In his academic work, his articles on Le Corbusier, Carlo Mollino and Álvaro Siza have appeared in numerous publications and he has written several books about other architects, notable amongst which are a monograph on the work of Albert van Huffel (Snoeck-Ducaju, 1983), on Álvaro Siza, titled Álvaro Siza: Inside the city (Whitney Library of Design, 1998), and on the work of Vincent van Duysen (Thames & Hudson, 2015). He has been on the editorial board on the magazine ARCHIS and also of the Flanders Architectural Yearbook and was also a curator of the exhibition “Architects from Flanders” at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 1991 and “Arquitectura de Flandes” (Architecture of Flanders) in Barcelona.

Last update: April 2019