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Levente Polyak

Budapest (Hungary)


Levente Polyak

Urban Planner and Sociologist

He is a researcher, community advocate and policy adviser, and has worked on urban regeneration programmes for the New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest municipalities. He taught at MOME and BUTE, Budapest; at Technische Universität, Vienna; and was visiting fellow at Columbia University, New York, and the ENSA Paris. He is a member of KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (Budapest) and editor of the Cooperative City magazine. With his organisation, Eutropian Research & Action (Vienna-Rome-Budapest), which specialises in urban regeneration, community participation, civic economy and social innovation, he supports public administrations and citizen initiatives (of various sizes and geographic locations across Europe) in creating spatial development projects and new governance models. He has worked as an expert in URBACT networks (Temporary Use as a Tool for Urban Regeneration, Interactive Cities, ACTive NGOs) and Urban Innovative Actions projects (Curing the Limbo Athens, DARE Ravenna). In recent years, he has been researching new organisational and economic models of community-led urban development projects and methodologies of civic ecosystem-building, and is co-author of the books Vacant City: Experiments in Inclusive Urban Regeneration. Netherlands / Hungary (KÉK, 2015), Civil Város: Lakatlan ingatlanok a közösségek szolgálatában (KÉK, 2016), Funding the Cooperative City: Community Finance and the Economy of Civic Spaces (Cooperative City Books, 2017), and Il rilancio dei mercati:spazio pubblico, servizi comunitari ed economia circolare (Cooperative City Books , 2019). 


[Update: September 2021]

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