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László Rajk

Budapest (Hungary)

László Rajk

Architect, lecturer at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest and a member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2014 edition.

László Rajk (1949), a practicing architect, production designer, professor in production desing at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest, and known also as a former dissident, human rights activist. As an architect and freelance artist became the member of the Hungarian avantgarde movement and the Hungarian Democratic Opposition in the seventies. In 1981 co-founded the underground AB Publishing House, and ran an illegal bookstore in his apartment called "Samizdat Boutique". As a production designer of several Hungarian and international film productions working with i.a. Béla Tarr, Miklós Jancsó, Szabolcs Hajdu, Costa Gavras, Mikael Salamon, John Irwin, Vittorio Storaro.
As an architect, he designed community buildings and cultural venues such as the Corvin Cinema, the Lehel Market Hall, the Aquincum Museum in Budapest, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Vienna and the permanent Hungarian memorial exhibition at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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