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Kamila Shamsie

London (United Kingdom)


Kamila Shamsie


Kamila Shamsie (Karachi, 1973), a novelist, was born in Pakistan and presently lives in London. She attended an English school in Karachi. Subsequently, while studying creative writing at the universities of New York and Massachusetts, she wrote her first novel, In the City by the Sea, which was awarded the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Award for Literature. From a family in which four generations of women have been writers, she has published seven novels which have been translated into many languages. In 2013 she was one of the twenty writers who appeared on the prestigious Granta “Best of Young British Novelists” list. Her novels Kartography and Burnt Shadows have been published in Spain. The latter, a story of two families, begins with the bombing of Nagasaki, continues in Pakistan in the 1980s, and ends after the 9/11 attacks with the war in Afghanistan. Her new novel, A God in Every Stone, will be published in England in April 2014.

[Last update: March 2014]

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