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John Urry

Lancaster (United Kingdom) | @JohnUrry

John Urry

Economist, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University.

The sociologist John Urry (London 1946) is Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University. With a degree in Economics and a PhD in Sociology from Cambridge University, he has been Head of the Sociology Department and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lancaster University (1989-1994), among other positions he has held. He has been Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research, also at Lancaster University, since 2003. One of today’s most eminent sociologists, he has spent the last few years studying new paradigms of mobility and their impact on future society. This field includes the phenomenon of global tourism in terms of consumption and as large-scale movements of people, as well as the oil and energy sector and the ways in which it affects society, the environment and the climate change.

He has published a considerable number of books, notable amongst which are:
  • Offshoring (2014)
  • Post Petroleum (2014)
  • Societies Beyond Oil (2013)
  • Climate Change and Society (2011)
  • Mobil Lives (with Anthony Elliott, 2010)
  • After the Car (with Kingsley Dennis, 2009)
  • Mobilities (2007)
  • Global Complexity (2003)
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Translation: Julie Wark.

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