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Ethel Baraona

Barcelona (Spain)


Ethel Baraona

Critic, writer, and curator

Co-founder of the independent research studio and publishing house dpr-barcelona, working in the fields of architecture, political theory, and the social milieu. She has published her own writings in many magazines, books, and journals, both academic and independent, among them Open Source Architecture (Thames and Hudson, 2015), Together! The New Architecture of the Collective (Ruby Press, 2017), Architecture is All Over (Columbia Books of Architecture, 2017), Harvard Design Magazine, ARQ, e-flux, and Volume. Her curatorial practice includes the projects Adhocracy ATHENS (with César Reyes and Pelin Tan for the Onassis Cultural Centre, 2015), winner of the ADI Culture Award 2016; and, more recently, Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales (Matadero Madrid, 2020-21), and others. She was director of “Foros”, a cycle of lectures on architecture given at the UIC (International University of Catalonia) School of Architecture, Barcelona, and she has lectured in Montevideo, Tel Aviv, Glasgow, Prague, London, Paris, Brussels, Mexico City, and Kyiv, among other cities.

Update: 12 September 2022

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