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Carolina Rosich

Barcelona (Spain)


Carolina Rosich

Culture journalist

Since the year 2001, she works in the Culture section of the Catalan Television TV3. She has participated in many television programs, covered several cultural events and realized features, reportages and interviews on personalities of the theatre, musical, artistic and architectural scenes. She has also reported on events like the Venice Biennale, the Arco Fair and the Documenta of Kassel, among others. Rosich has also directed documentaries like “els Joglars 40 anys” and “Travessia cap a Hollywood” for the Catalan Program “30 minuts”. Moreover, she is the screenwriter and presenter of the television programs centered around opera “Liceu a la fresca” and “Una nit al Liceu” and has collaborated with the cultural programs “33 recomana” and “Ànima”. In the year 2018, she acted as the hostess of the Gaudí Awards broadcast and currently directs, with Isaki Lacuesta, a piece for the Architecture Pavilion of the Venice Biennale about the Catalan architecture studio RCR.

[Update: 8 June 2018]

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