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Antonio Font i Arellano

Barcelona (Spain)

Antonio Font i Arellano

Architect and urbanist

Professor of Urban Planning at the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV), he is also director of the master’s degree in Urban Planning Project Drafting at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). He was one of the drafters of the Metropolitan Infrastructures Plan (1969-1970) for Barcelona and has produced general plans for the urban structuring of several municipalities in Catalonia. In Barcelona, he directed the urban restructuring plan for the land bordering the city’s ring routes, the reform of Barceloneta and the Uses Plan for the Ciutat Vella (Old City). Furthermore, he designed the passeig Marítim (Seafront Promenade) of the Barcelona Olympic Village.

Antonio Font was also curator of the exhibition “L’explosió de la ciutat” (The Explosion of the City) for the Fòrum 2004 (International Forum of Cultures) and published a book (co-edited with Francesco Indovina and Nuno Portas) with the same title. He has written articles for specialist reviews and recently edited El proyecto de nuevos patrones residenciales (The Project of New Residential Patterns, 2009).

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