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1 - 30 September 2023

The 2022 Prize exhibition in Bologna (Italy)

Public Space Museum

The exhibition “European Prize for Urban Public Space 2022”, which shows the results of the eleventh award of the Prize, has been on display this month in the Public Space Museum.

The exhibition was presented as part of the programme of working sessions on public space that were held in Bologna from 1 to 10 September 2023. The sessions took the form of presentations, discussions, training sessions, and workshops that dealt with several areas, from the importance and challenges of public space in contemporary society, the particularities of public space in different parts of the world, through to strategies for democratising the processes of urban design.

Eminent speakers from the domains of academia and practice shared multidisciplinary perspectives with a diverse audience that included master’s degree and PhD students as well as experienced professionals and community leaders from around the world.

The opening of the exhibition on 1 September was attended by Elisabet Goula, head of the European Prize for Urban Public Space at the CCCB, David Bravo, long-serving former secretary of the Prize jury, and the winners of the 2022 award who spoke about their projects: Wim Vogt del OKRA, author of the winning work, “Catharijnesingel” in Utrecht; Paul Steinbrûck, co-author of “Flow” in Brussels; and Renate Lagzdina, of the Artilērijas dārzi collective, author of the “Sporta Pils Gardens” in Riga.

The public space sessions were organised by NGO City Space Architecture, headed by the architect Luisa Bravo, one of the experts consulted for the 2022 Prize.

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