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Improvement of Barkingside Town Centre
London (United Kingdom), 2015
The windowless facades and neglected surrounds of a public library and municipal sports centre dating back to the 1960s acquire centrality and civic representativeness thanks to the addition of a theatrical loggia, the new Virginia Gardens and improved shop fronts along the adjacent main high street.
"Heavenly Hundred" Garden
Kiev (Ukraine), 2016
An empty lot is transformed into a memorial for the victims of the EuroMaidan protests and, on an everyday basis, has a productive role as a self-managed community vegetable garden.
"Ring of Memory": International Memorial of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
Ablain-Saint-Nazaire (France), 2014
An elliptical structure which seems to hover over the landscape expresses the fragility of peace and shows the names of more than half a million victims of different nationalities who lost their lives during the First World War on the hill of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

Shared Spaces (71)

“Public Space for me would be how the civic interacts with the production of knowledge”
The Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Rosi Braidotti, shed some light on the relation between the production of knowledge, the university, the city and public space.

UrbanScope (7)

The Dark Side of the Pale Face
Dark Side of the Greens | Anthony Baxter │ United Kingdom, Croatia | 2015 | 59:13 | English
This documentary probes the relationship between developers and local authorities who use golf as a smokescreen behind which to construct enormous luxury resorts with all the attendant deleterious effects on the environment and protests by local residents.

News (399)

The Award-Giving Ceremony 2016
The event gathered local and international experts on urban planning, design and architecture as well as public authorities and policy makers in a festive environment to celebrate the new efforts to rethink and design urban public spaces.

Periscope (392)

'A monster crawls into the city'
Saskia Sassen and her son, artist Hilary Koob-Sassen, explain the growth of modern cities, the forced displacement of residents and the destruction of traditional neighbourhoods in the lyrics of a fable.
Urban Age 2016 Conference in Venice
In partnership with United Nations Habitat III, the conference (14 – 15 July) will investigate how people, institutions, policymakers, investors and designers affect the physical form of cities, and how this impacts on the way we live in them.
Conference on Cities of Welcome/Cities of Transit
The Conference, taking place in Barcelona on the 14 and 15 July, will look at the ways in which the arrival and transit of refugees is currently shaping urban environments across Europe.