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public space: European Prize for Urban Public Space
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Public Baths in the Port
Fåborg-Midtfyn (Denmark), 2014
Bathing piers built over the waters of the beautiful Faaborg fjord endow a previously neglected area of the port with a recreational, inclusive dimension.
Harbour Market
Vodice (Croatia), 2015
The old market of this coastal town is restructured under a new open porch which improves its direct relationship with daily life in the port.
"R-Urban": Network of Urban Commons
Colombes (France), 2014
A housing estate on the periphery of the city combats unemployment with a productive and ecological complex consisting of community food gardens, an experimental micro-farm, a market, cooperative workshops and spaces for storing and reusing recovered materials.

News (404)

"The Last London: A City Abolished", Lecture by Iain Sinclair
12/12/2016 | 18:30 | CCCB | Barcelona (Spain) | English
As part of the Timescapes of Urban Change project, Iain Sinclair reflects on how our temporal attachments to the city relate with city life and its transformations.
Garden of the "Heavenly Hundred" three years after Maidan
Three years after the Revolution of Dignity, organisers of the award-winning Public Space 2016 host events to remember the victims of Maidan and create new projects in Eastern Ukraine.
"Culture and Cities: The Challenge of Tourism", Lecture by David Harvey
14/11/2016 | 18:30 | CCCB | Barcelona (Spain) | English
Professor David Harvey will reflect on how a growing tourism industry challenges contemporary cities.

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“We Have to Politicize Our Judgment of Urban Transformation”
Interview with David Bravo, architect and CCCB associate, on the occasion of Habitat III, the third international conference on Housing and Sustainable Development, held in Quito in October 2016. He discusses the right to housing, the need to democratize cities, and taking a critical stance in the discussion about the so-called smart cities.
Urban Design Is Also Responsible for the Health of City Dwellers
A study carried out in 14 cities of ten countries around the world and published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet has demonstrated that good urban design contributes substantially to public health in cities and, accordingly, reduces the pandemic effects of physical inactivity and its associated illnesses among urban dwellers.
Bike traffic has finally beaten car traffic
In September, for the first time ever, more people entered the city of Copenhagen by bike than by car. Good bike infrastructure makes all the difference. If you protect people from cars, so that riding is as easy and natural and safe as walking, then people will choose bikes.