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"Practising the politics of difference in a shared space enriches coexistence"

Interview with

Tim Ingold

[English, 2.26'']

In the Shared Spaces capsule, Tim Ingold argues in favour of physical presence in personal contacts at a time when our communication is increasingly indirect and through digital means.

The British social anthropologist, Professor Tim Ingold, calls for physical presence in personal contacts. What enriches coexistence, he says, is not so much looking for what we have in common with others but practising the politics of difference in a shared space, thus widening people’s horizons so they can find paths to share, in the quest for “commoning”.

When asked about his favourite public space, Ingold highlights “the thing”, the name given to places in the Scandinavian countries where, in medieval times, local people, mostly farmers, would come to sort out their differences and conflicts.

Tim Ingold gave the lecture “An Ecology of Life” at the CCCB in 2016.

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