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8 October 2015

“Shared Cities” Now in Porto

9 – 29 October 2015 | Atrium, Town Hall, Porto

The itinerant exhibition continues its long journey with this second stop in Portugal. Organized by Porto City Council, and with the collaboration of Procur.Arte and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, the exhibiton is on show at Porto Town Hall.

After being on show in Lisbon from 11 September to 5 October this year, the 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space exhibition is moving to the north of Portugal where it may be seen until 29 October. The venue for this exhibition of the twenty most outstanding works from the 2014 Prize is the atrium of the Porto Town Hall where it will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. The city has a long architectural tradition and the Town Hall is located at Avenida dos Aliados, a major project in the public space designed by Alvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Soto de Moura, both awarded a Pritzker prize.

This showing of the exhibition has been organised by the Porto City Council, after the cultural association Procur.Arte coordinated “Shared Cities” in Lisbon as part of the “Flâneur: New Urban Narratives” project, which closed on 5 October. The exhibition also has the support of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.

The opening of the exhibition in the Town Hall at 6.30 p.m. on 9 October will be attended by the city’s Councillor for Urban Planning, Manuel Correia Fernandes, Architect and college professor, and also by David Bravo,architect and secretary of the jury for the Prize.

Para más información:

FAUP (Faculdade de Arquitectura Universidade Oporto).
Porto City Council
Porto, Portugal.

Guillem Pujadas Jané
Translation: Julie Wark

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