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19 May 2010

Recycling The Future of Industrial Landscapes

28 May, Sant Adrià de Besòs


It is the fourth of four seminars leading up to the Cerdà Postmetropolis International Congress on Government of Metropolitan Regions in the 21st Century

The seminar Recycling will bring together different perspectives on first-generation industrial territories, which are largely responsible for old processes of urban growth and clearly associated with the metropolitan collective imaginary. The experiences of urban recycling of these industrial conglomerates have brought out an array of common situations in the context of the European postmetropolis. The processes of reconversion, rehabilitation and appraisal of these industrial landscapes show their capacity for endowing metropolitan space with new uses that have ranged from the economics of culture to tourist consumption, while making it possible to discuss the potential represented by urban heritage in the context of a city that is being recovered from within, that is growing without, that integrates its limits and that understands industrial complexes as opportunities for creation of centrality and metropolitan visibility.


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