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4 January 2018

City: Begues

Begues is an example among those cities which, over the past few decades, have joined the movement in Europe for recovering public spaces. To be highlighted particular is the Vall d’en Joan Landfill Restoration, joint prize-winner in the 2004 award of the Prize.

In 1999 an ambitious project was launched, financed jointly by Barcelona city council, Barcelona provincial council, the community of towns and cities, the waste board and the European Union. Its aim was to fill in the rubbish tip and restore the landscape in order to integrate it into the Garraf Nature Reserve. The landfill process was structured in different stages and included a period of natural regeneration and recovery of the conditions of salubrity for it to be opened as a public park in 2010. While awaiting that date, the precinct has played an important educational role through guided visits to the recovered zone and the rest of the tip, which continued to function until 2006.

Access to complete description of the work through this link to the archive.