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“This model allows us to rethink public space and to introduce improvements which would otherwise be impossible”

[Catalan with English subtitles | 00:03:57]

Interview with Ariadna Miquel, designer of the Poblenou Superblock, Special Mention in the 2018 Prize

The aim of the superblock model is to organise mobility in order to diversify uses in the streets and, accordingly, gain space for civic life. The superblock strategy allows residents to take over the streets and to show that they can be used not only for going from one place to another but also for reading, eating, playing, and so on.

Lack of green spaces in addition to problems of serious pollution made the intervention necessary. It has been carried out in keeping with the model of tactical urban planning whereby it is possible to introduce changes at a very low cost. The Poblenou Superblock is a pilot project aiming to change traffic flows while also working with citizens to determine which other improvements can be introduced.