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5 - 9 September 2022

Finite resources.
Approximation to the collective spaces of Ciutat Vella

International Workshop ETSAV-CCCB

CC BY_NC_SA CCCB, Pere Virgili, 2022

Workshop that brings together students from ETSAV for a week with the aim of analysing and discussing about the management of resources in densified spaces, such as those of the district of Ciutat Vella.

The latest economic, health and political crises reveal the fragility of our cities' metabolism. Its inhabitants need resources that, often, the city itself is unable to generate. The management of these resources (their presence, circulation and exchange in public space) is both a cause and a consequence of urban culture, and defines our lifestyle as city dwellers.

Finite Resources is a joint initiative of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and the Department of Architectural Projects of the ETSAV of the UPC. During one week, the workshop brings together students from this school in a theoretical and practical exercise that aims, from the tools of architecture, to uncover and expose the cultures of use of these resources, approaching the case of the collective spaces of Ciutat Vella. Reflecting their scarcity and uncertainty —a concern shared with the whole world— and the specificity of local conditions, the aim is to foster awareness and debate on the management of resources in densified spaces, such as those of this district of Barcelona.

The workshop, led by professors Jordi Mitjans, Núria Ortigosa, Anna Sala and Carme Torres, includes the participation of architects Mar Santamaria and Blanca Pujals, who gave the inaugural lecture on Monday, September 5th , and will participate in the closing ceremony on Friday 9th , as well as accompanying the students in their research throughout the week. 

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