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5 November 2014

“What’s going on?”, the New Dynamics of Public Space

05/08/2014 -05/09/2014 | MAO, Ljubljana (Slovenia)


This conference, curated by Matevž Čelik, will discuss the impact of contemporary public space practices on urban economy, politics and quality of life.

Public space is freedom. It is a place of differences expressed by everyday life, rhythms, rituals, nature and history. It allows us to meet one another, connect and work together in ways organized or entirely spontaneous. As a space of democratic political participation and one in which new economies emerge, public space enables society to transform itself.

The most interesting happenings in public space occur in the background of the newly designed furniture and smooth pavements, where people interact and find new uses for space in ways previously unimagined.

Therefore, beyond its physical appearance, the social situations and goings-on of public space are today highly relevant with regard to its reorganization and transformation. Thus, public space is becoming a common platform for thinking and production that overcomes the tensions between policy and planning.
The conference is part of the Europe City project. Further information: website of Museum of Architecture and Design-MAO of Ljubljana.

Translation: Julie Wark.