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23 January 2018

City: Krakow

Krakow is an example among those cities which, over the past few decades, have joined the movement in Europe for recovering public spaces. To be highlighted particular is the Ghetto Heroes Square, special mention of the 2006 award.

Situated in the Podgórze district, which in 1941 was turned into the Krakow Ghetto, the former Plac Zgody [Concord Square] was designated 'Umschlagplatz' under the Nazi occupation, the place where the Jews had to congregate to be deported. When over sixty years had passed, in 2005 Krakow City Council decided to intervene on the square in order to explain its sinister past. Instead of installing a singular monument, the intervention set out to use the square itself as a channel for passing on the memory. And so it was deliberately conceived as a poetic container which transformed the place into a sign of the past.

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